My parents raised me to be aware of politics since I was a baby. We lived in Oakland when Obama was elected in 2008, and I was excited because my parents were excited. This is me at three.




I got into politics when I was six. I had written a letter to Obama because I was mad that gay people couldn't get married. I had, and still have, gay people in my life, when Prop. 8 passed in California, I was very upset. I was convinced that Obama could fix it, since he was president, so I wrote to him and asked him to fix it. When Prop. 8 was overturned, I was happy and excited for my LGBTQ friends and family (even though it was the Supreme Court and not President Obama).


When he was elected again, my brother and I were thrilled. I knew it was a good thing, and that he made the people I know feel safer.





Now, I see that the powerful people get their power from us. We need to fix what has happened, and we need to start talking about the issues, so other people can work on it. So many people don't understand that my generation have important opinions, and it is really frustrating to have our opinions dismissed because we are young. These choices will impact us the longest, and so we need to speak up.


Lastly, if 3/4 of the nation is against the new president and everything he stands for, how did this happen? Why aren't the adults fighting him?


The time to fight is now.

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