Q: Is It Okay To NOT Punch Nazis?

-RM 2/15/2017

(WARNING! Language and content in this post may be unsuitable for some more sensitive viewers. CW: Nazis, violence, death)

Sooo… a Nazi got punched a while ago*, and that started a debate, but let me ask you, why? Why are we having a discussion about whether it is ok to punch those people, when they want “the best and easiest way” to kill black people, and they support FRICKING Hitler. This isn’t like comparing someone to Hitler, they like the actual horrible little German dictator, and he killed millions of people, not counting the people who died fighting in the wars he started.

Let’s ask Captain America what he thinks:

Or Superman.

See? The guy dressed like the American flag and the dude who says “truth, justice and the American way” seem to think this is a good tradition.

Indiana Jones punched Nazis.

God even killed a few in that movie.

There’s Hellboy. There’s the Rocketeer. Look, the point is, we punch Nazis here, okay? It’s been going on for a long time.

But now, some people are saying it isn’t okay to punch them. I’m confused. My parents are confused. Even Cap is confused. -_- That never happens.

If you’ve managed to confuse CAPTAIN AMERICA, there is an issue. Also, real life Captain America has gotten in on it.

Me and my mom have had like fourteen conversations about whether or not it is ok to punch Nazis. The answer is obviously “yes.” Because in that video there are two kinds of violence happening: one is a man leading a group who is going after LGBTQ, brown and Black people because he wants them to die. The other is a guy punching another guy in the face. Which one is more violent? Let it really sink in.“Can we punch Nazis?” The answer is YES! Duh! They’re NAZIS! The question really should be “Is it okay to NOT punch Nazis?” Sure, because they might be faster than you or bigger than you. I would try, and I’m only five feet tall, but my mom shouldn’t, because she’d break her back (she would probably try, though). Fighting Nazis does work, though: Read up on it here.

*Yes, I know he doesn’t call himself a Nazi or a neo-Nazi.He calls himself part of the alt-right and a white nationalist. Here's a video of him being a Nazi. Here's a video of him being punched (over and over) to Eye of the Tiger, and to Born in the USA.


Mom's response:  What she said. The only thing I would add is that people will try and make the "slippery slope" argument about how punching Nazis could lead to hitting people of any political/religious group that has had splinter groups who have been violent. I would argue that if you ask a Christian/Communist/Muslim/Irishman/Socialist they will impugn the violence done in their name. Nazis will say the job didn't get done. Therein lies the difference.

Punch a Nazi.