Syrian Sadness

-RM 1/1/2017


I saw Obama read a letter from a six year old kid named Alex asking if a Syrian refugee who had just been bombed could come and live with his family. It felt like I had been punched in the gut. It physically hurt to see such a little boy covered in ash, dirt, and blood sitting in an ambulance in shock but not hurt. I’ve been in an accident where I ended up covered in blood (that wasn’t mine) and those images still stick in my head. I really feel bad for the little boy and I hope he gets better, and I can’t imagine what it is like to lose your whole family.



I liked Alex’s letter, because it was nice to see that other people are kind and good, too. I would let refugees come live here, and we’ve always had people living with us who have needed a break or help with child care or help getting back on their feet, but if I knew how to get in touch with a refugee resettlement program, I would be all for it (Parent note: So would we). But, not everyone can take in a refugee or a family, so what else can we do?



If you have money to donate, the best options are Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, CARE and others you can research through Charity Navigator. Give what you can. I am, and I’m just a kid with a $5 a week allowance. Surely many you can do more than that.



The trouble is, this isn’t stopping. The United States has been on both sides of the Taliban (picture below), both sides of Al-Qaeda, and we were even warned by Saddam that we would make a mess of things in Iraq. We’ve screwed things up worse than that, clearly.





And now, our new President-to-be is friends with the guy who is funding half of the bombs being dropped on Syria, who we helped kick out. We need to keep an eye on him and you adults need to call your senators and congresspeople. Seriously.



Because otherwise, this keeps happening: