Portland Police Fired on Children on August 4:

By a tween witness

-RM 07/12/

(Content Warning: This article contains sensitive subjects, such as discussions of neo-Nazis and hurled slurs)

Well, I got shot at on Saturday by cops guarding an “alt-right/neo-Nazi/fascist protest in my city. This was not fun. You might want some more background to this, so uh, let me explain…

A bunch of white conservative redneck Trump supporters came down from Washington (to support a guy running for something in Washington, apparently, which means they had no real reason to be in Portland) and from Idaho (where the KKK are living), and who knows where else to Portland and had a “rally”. “Hate Parade,” as I put it. They came in, got a permit for the park by the waterfront (a park maintained with tax money that Portlanders had paid) in order to be able to bring in guns. Because someone in Portland allowed out-of-state racists to rent our park and bring in concealed weapons.

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Say It Loud, & Say It Proud

-RM 07/12/2018

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You all know me. I'm 12, I'm almost 13. I live in Portland. Growing up, I've always known the LGBTQ is not something to be afraid of. Ever since I even knew what attraction or romantic love was, I have admitted I am very much not straight. I am pansexual, but since I am almost 13, asexual until further notice*. My parents know, and they accept me for it. They always have, and they always will, and it only kind of came up once because I was talking about a girl I was friends with at school and my mom asked if she was pretty. I blushed and told her to shut up, and realized they were going to be PARENTS about any crushes I had, or that they thought I had, and that gender wasn't important to them.

 I get that there are… Less understanding families than mine, but if you don’t know anyone who will accept you for not being straight as a flagpole, tell them to deal. Climb up that flagpole, and attach a flag saying “I’m a Rainbow.” Obviously, this is not the greatest plan if you're a minor with oppressive parents, or live in a place where you won't be safe, but in general? The more of us they are, the less willing they are to fight us.

I am a tween, and even I understand that it’s fine. Love is love, people. Why does everyone hate on homo/bi/pansexuals? And don’t you dare say religion, because I will slap you through the screen. As one of my favorite youtubers, Grade A Under A said, religion is just an excuse. In his ‘My thoughts on gay people’ video, he talks about people who deserve hate in a somewhat lighthearted video, and why gay people should not be on that list. I hit "like" so fast on that video, and you should too. He is funny, and smart (unlike a lot of people on this planet), and undeniably curses like a sailor.

I don’t get the religion excuse. If god created the universe, in a week, he can easily fix the gay “problem,” if it was actually that. Satan himself has a twitter account, and just look at this! It’s perfect! Honestly, the true answer as to why people hate gay people so much is still a mystery to me. (God has a twitter account too.) My parents each grew up in church, and while my dad doesn't go often, my mother and God have a very involved (if confusing, and sometimes very loud) relationship. According to her, God made me pan, my dad tall, my mother disabled, my brother obnoxious...and hating us for being the way he made us would be pretty awful and unfair.

My family is pretty understanding about all of this, and entirely open to honest conversation (no kidding, drop me an email if you need "adoptive " pro-queer parents, and they'll write back). Aside from the creepy fairy that steals children’s teeth and the fat chimney man in red, they have never lied to me about really anything. If I come home with a question about sexuality, I can ask without too much teasing and get an honest answer, and not get slapped. My mom, if she had gone home and told her mom that she thought she was bisexual, she would have been hit. Repeatedly. Possibly with a stick. Both of my grandmothers are a little bit… Uh… Like this lady about anything cool or complicated:

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If either of you are reading this… I love you and please don’t kill meeeeeee...

Anyway, while my family has been going to Pride since before I was born, this was my first year marching, and I have some awesome photos below.

*My mother is demi-sexual, which falls under the ace umbrella, so I know it is possible that I will remain Ace for the rest of my life. I also know that puberty wreaks havoc on people, so it's best not to make too many proclamations that include "I'd never!" at my age. :)

Homework, Again

-RM 10/11/2017

Another homework assignment rhyme.

Puritan Rhyme


The Puritans left England to get the freedom to pray

The way they wanted, so they finally sailed away

They landed in Plymouth, thinking they were so divine

And before they got off, they had a contract to sign

The Mayflower Compact required obedience 

To boring old men, as well as church attendance

Only good Christian men were allowed to vote

Not the indentured servants who got off the boat


Other colonies were a little more fair

Like William Penn's Quaker paradise over there

Deals with Natives were kept, all men could vote (if they were white)

And it was the first place to kick out the slave trade, so that's alright.

Homework Can Be Fun

-RM 9/26/2017

Been offline for the summer because my parents wanted me to be outside and stuff. Got back to school, and part of a homework assignment was to use vocab words in a rhyme or rap. Using seven of the words (hi-lighted).

This is mine on the "age of exploration." How do I always get Columbus?

You Can't Discover What is Already Populated

The old world was looking for spices, land, and cash

 So in 1492 a couple small ships crashed


Christopher Columbus was praised for his bravery

 When all he did was get lost and bring the New World slavery 


The islands where he landed were not the Indies, by the way

 Though he is why Native Americans are called Indians today


I had a good laugh, and fell off my chair 

Because why couldn't those white people just stay over there 


200 years later the British did the same

 And even gave Jamestown their stupid king's name


John Smith was a liar and a salesman too

 And Pocahontas was 12. Should be a problem for you.


Trappers and fisherman pushed the tribes west

 Because white folks always think what they're doing is best


You can't buy Manhattan with beads, you freaking dork

 (That was before Dutch New Amsterdam changed its name to New York).

Stop Polluting, You Sunburned Fart!

-RM 4/24/2017

Yo. I just got back from the Science March the other day, and while my feet hurt a little after, it was nowhere near as long as the Women’s March. It was about four or five hours, were as this was only two ish. Thousands of people were there, though. I went with my dad (a scientist) and my brother (a science experiment).

This was by far more funny and fun, because there were still some people wearing the p*ssy hats, and there were all kinds of signs. Like for example, ‘THERE AIN’T NO PLANET B’ or ‘DON’T BELIEVE IN SCIENCE? THEN TOSS OUT YOUR: WIFI, PHONES, ROCKETS, TV, LAPTOP, AND RADIO!’ That kind of stuff.

They also had a kids' area that my brother and I got to poke around in. It was cool, and it was good to see other kids out there. (Editors' note: Unless photos were taken by LBF's dad, they are from her two linked articles)

Anyway, it was fun, and I enjoyed it. If you want to change what has happened with this pollution, or climate change, (which IS real, by the way) then you should try speaking to your lawyers, or even better, if you are a lawyer or a scientist, try passing laws that say "no random oil pumps going through Native American towns after you have already booted them out of their homes and into random places hundreds of miles from their families’ lands" or as a scientist, try working to deal with this problem, instead of making rocket boots, or flying cars. -_-

Seriously. There is more important stuff to do than making a talking robot girl in your IPhone, people.

Hup, 2, 3 4 - Women's March in Portland

-RM 1/7/2017

There is going to be a women’s march in Washington, DC on January 21st. There will also be ones in other cities around the country for those who can’t get to the capitol. The goal is to have enough people to show up on that man’s first day in office to “send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women's rights are human rights.” This is important to me because I am a girl, and I have rights now that he is trying to take away, and women are already treated unfairly when compared to men. I'm a feminist and I support the rights of women, LGBTQ people and other minorities. This guy needs to see that there are a lot of us.

I am going to the one in Portland, because I live there, but I also want to go because I might be young, but I want to get more involved in this stuff. I’m going because this p***y grabber as president will impact the kids like me the most, especially if he, for some reason, lasts eight years in office. That will have been a little more than the rest of my childhood, so I’ll be 19. That hits a nerve, doesn’t it? ):

So I’ll be there on the 21st with 21,000 other people a big sign, with friends and family of all genders. I hope to see you.

Baby, It's COLD in Portland

-RM 1/4/2017

Well, it’s Portland, and it’s winter, so it’s gonna get cold. I mean 18℉ overnight cold. We know a little bit about chilly (more than California, anyway) but really? We don’t normally get weather like that. 

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Look at our overnight forecasts for the next couple of days: In the teens for a few days, then into the 20s (and then it goes back down). That is just mean, mother nature! Also...

It’s terrible for those of us living in old houses with bad heaters (like me), but it’s even worse for people who don’t even have heaters. Or floors. Or roofs. Or walls. People living out of doors in other states have died, but we haven’t really expected it because this kind of cold doesn’t hit us that often. However, this week, Mark Elliot Johnson froze to death on my side of the river.

What are people out in the cold supposed to do? There are a couple shelters and late night open houses with beds and food for people who do not have their own at these links here and here, so please look into it. The shelters may get full, so call before you head over to one.

What about people who want to help? Well, the video says that people can call 211 if they see someone in need of shelter. It also says that if you see someone with a need of immediate attention, call 911. (duh) The list of shelters from the links above would probably love some volunteers (I’m too young, I’ve learned) or a donation. Pick one and call. If you know people, personally, who might need a place to crash, lend them a sofa. We have and will continue to.

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