This is not Okay

-RM 12/14/2018

Cyntoia Brown is currently in prison.

She’s a former teenage runaway who was forced into prostitution, and she was a victim of forced prostitution (rape) that happened while she was a minor (statutory rape). Then more than a decade ago, while in her 20s, she was sentenced to life in prison for shooting and killing a man who tried to pay her for sex. How did it get there? Long story. Let’s get started.

After a childhood marked by abuse and drugs, she ran away. Some guy picked her up when she was twelve and forced her into prostitution while acting as her pimp. Totally legal and sane, right? Four years into this, around 2004, she got sold to a guy who choked and beat her frequently. After he raped her he started to reach for his gun. She believed he was going to kill her, so she killed him with it. She was 16.

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Don't Order Pork Unless You NEED To

-RM 7/25/2018

There’s been a seemingly recent uptick of white people calling the cops on black folks for all kinds of things, none of which should involve the police.

Cops are for emergencies. Let’s be real here, that’s all they’re here for. My mom is a white lady, but she grew up in LA and Oakland, so she has called the cops only twice, and not on any little black girls selling water. I want to give you an example of why someone should call the police, because there are good reasons, and then remind you again, that you don’t call unless something is a life or death issue.

The first time my mom called was when a vegan-jobless-loudly-spiritual-white lady who we’re gonna call… Jane, went missing*. She had lived in our house for a few months with her sweet little boy named… Um… Hans.

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The Problem Seems To Be Guns

-RM 6/15/2018

Recently, there have been a few school shootings, and despite my lack of updates recently, I had to write. It was the first thing I did once I got myself un-grounded from tech, actually.

Let me be clear here. No elaborations, no jokes, no sarcasm, no subtle hints. People have died. Children and teachers have died. In school shootings all over this nation. This has happened while their friends listened in the next room. Politicians (Republicans) said “We will do our best to deal with the situation.” They do nothing. More people in mass shootings. Rinse and repeat.

Eventually, the high-school aged, teenage friends of those who survived getting shot while their friends were murdered in the other room said “No! We say enough of this nonsense! FIX IT!!” and they all led a protest. One of the kids, Emma, actually shouted “We call BS!”

This is sad that the kids who aren’t even old enough to say bull sh*t at a rally are the real adults. Aren’t you adults supposed to be smarter, kinder, and more helpful to society when you are grown up? These kids, from this high school, y were so angry and loud, so well spoken, and so unwlling to back down, they got the attention of the So Called Ruler Of The United States (SCROTUS), Donald Trump.

Eventually, the teachers managed to get a meeting with the Mr. 45, and one of them was crying. These people are angry, and rightfully so. Their students, FRIENDS have died. Then guess what? Our moron president decided to say (and may I point out in front of very distraught and heartbroken people) “Lets arm the teachers! That’s gonna help!” Boi, no. My mom is a teacher, and she recently posted a tweet in reply to the orange feelingless potato: “You have already hired me to die for your children, you cannot expect me to kill for them too.” And it got reposted by like 400 people.

Having a parent as a teacher when you are a student is tough, because not only do you worry about your school getting shot and you possibly being a victim, but you have to worry about your parent(s), too. (Plus siblings. I have a little brother, and as annoying as he is, I don’t want the kid to die). I sat up really worried about her, and she said she knew she didn't have to worry about me because my teacher is a beast, and he'd take care of me. That's a touch choice to make.

If you are a politician, or someone who can talk to one, try to get them to do their job, and protect the people. Literally your job, guys. Do it. -___- Use the resistbot (literally to help you out in reaching your reps.

Sorry about the Hiatus, guys. Middle school sucks, and I have to study. Next time I disappear into the world of dusty history books and science journals, I’ll try to let you all know. Thanks for reading!

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Chelsea Manning

-RM 3/09/2017

So, if you were in the military, and someone ON YOUR SIDE had been bombing people, to get medics into the area, to bomb them, (like the Hunger Games in book 3) would you get that information onto a device, like a music player, and then get that footage leaked? I know I would.

So did Chelsea Manning, a trans woman, and it got her sent to jail. She sent that music player full of government info to a person who leaks things. This person does not deserve to have their name said, but this person leaked all of it, instead of just those people being bombed. -_-

The army said that it was fake, and so Chelsea said it was her who was operating the helicopter, when it really wasn’t. But she couldn’t go to a women’s prison, because she had not had gender affirmation surgery. Trans, remember? So, she spent 7 years in a men's prison, and most of her time was spent in solitary confinement "for her own protection" after she tried to kill herself.

Well, recently, Obama said her term was done (right before his term was over). It was while that angry upside down bag of cotton candy was not president, so Obama could say she was done. Still. She was supposed to be in jail for 35 frickin years.

Took you long enough, Obama. Alright. Bye!

Betsy DeVos: Ed-u-ma-cation Secretary

-RM 2/02/2017

#45 has nominated Betsy Devos, who is less like a government official and more like some diva from a Disney TV show. She's clueless and horrible. I keep asking myself "How did this happen?" and then I remember who got elected. All I know is that it isn’t going to be great, especially for kids from poor families or those who have disabilities.

So, the Orange Menace picked her, and she even doesn’t believe in Public Schools! She was tapped as Education Secretary, in order to make sure that America's children get educated, and she already destroyed much of public education in her home state. It doesn't bother her because neither she or her kids ever went to public schools. There’s also the fact that this woman tried to strip teacher unions of their influence, and a woman of white privilege, she also married into it, as her husband, Dick, (fair) ran unsuccessfully for governor of Michigan a decade ago, is heir to the Amway fortune. Damn rich people.

Lots of people were surprised about her being chosen, because DeVos' ideas for school reforms are even more radical than what the Cheeto-in-Chief proposed on the campaign trail. Let that sink in, people. (Editor's note: At her first confirmation hearing, she didn't know the difference between growth and proficiency. This women is less qualified to be Ed Secretary than my fourth grade teacher). Although, she (and her family) did donate millions to the Dumpster's run for office, so maybe that had something to do with it?

The good news? She hasn't been confirmed yet. The vote is Monday. Dems have promised to vote against her, and a few Republicans have joined the fight. Call your representative and say thank you if they are voting against her, or ask them to vote against her if they are not.

ObamaCared. This Guy, Not So Much

-RM 1/15/2017

In the middle of the night, the Senate started taking apart “ObamaCare”

and the next day, the House also voted to tear it down. The ACA (the Affordable Care Act) was passed in 2010 and was huge for many people, and the Republicans have been promising to get rid of it since the day it was signed by Obama.

So, what, though, right? My insurance comes from my parents or their job, or through the state if my parents or poor or disabled right? What’s the issue? Well, there were a few things that were important in that law that impacted everyone, that even Cheeto Hitler said he was going to keep, and both the House and Senate voted those away.

Number One: No protections for people with pre-existing conditions. This basically means they are more likely to give insurance to people with no issues, because then the insurance doesn’t have to pay for anything. This impacts a large portion of the population, including my entire household, and like all the people I know. My mom has anklyslosing spondylitis, a genetic condition where her back solidifies, slowly. My little brother has craniosynostosis and has had four brain surgeries and one emergency heart surgery. They were born like that, which would mean they’d be born with pre-existing conditions. Because of the ACA, most people actually went to the doctor, so now even more people have “pre-existing conditions” that the insurance companies know about.

Number Two: Kids used to be able to stay on their parents plan until they are 26. Now they are probably gonna get kicked off from 18, to 22. My uncle had an enormous accident when with me and I was only three. He shattered about a dozen bones. He had no insurance, because it was 2008, before the ACA, and his job didn't give him any. Since he was poor, once he got some help, he had to wait for a wheelchair, and my mom had to get loans for his hospital bed in our apartment. My mom had to quit her job and grad school to take care of him because no one else could! If he’d been able to stay on my grandparents’ insurance, or be covered by an ACA plan, he would have been able to go to real therapy instead of my mom having to figure out how to stretch his muscles and help him exercise.

Number Three: Keeps down the costs of birth control.  Now, it’ll cost about $300 a year more to stay on the pill, which means many more pregnancies for people who can’t afford that. This messes up life for half of Americans! More than half of the United States has a uterus, and can you imagine asking any other group that large to pay extra to not have kids or pain, just because of how they were born? White people get skin cancer more often than PoC, but we don’t make them pay more for their health insurance for it. I have a family history of endometriosis and will need the pill, and this would help me, but now the decomposing jackolantern has messed up me getting it like a regular medicine, and I HAVE insurance. People who don’t won’t be able to get it anywhere else either, given the fight against Planned Parenthood.

Number Four: A huge part of the ACA was making sure that people who were poor could get health insurance. This helped more than 11 million people in just 2015. Now they Now they can just kick poor people off of insurance because they are poor, and then those people can’t go to the hospital. This is a ton of weight was lifted, and they are putting it back on more than 11 million people, including like everyone I know. In Oregon, before the ACA, getting on Medicaid was a LITERAL lottery. You could be poor and sick and had to hope you won health care. Nobody wants to go back to that. At least, no poor people want to.

Number Five: Lifetime caps will be back. This means that my brother can have 1 more surgery before insurance  stops paying, which means he will basically short circuit as his brain is crushed, or his heart will give out, or my parents will have to come up with $250,000 for every new surgery to keep him alive. For my mom, it means she can have only get 10 years of the medicine she needs to stab into her leg every two weeks, because of how expensive it is, before she hits that cap. After that, she basically just turns into one bone, goes blind, and dies slowly.

Number Six: Mental health is no longer an exclusion, and that is going away. That means mental health care has to be similar to what they’ll do for physical care. If that goes away, I can get denied my meds and therapy. My family, my friends, even you, readers. Insurance can just refuse to cover mental health. No therapy, no meds? These meds make me sleep and help with all the static and noise in my head. If I don’t sleep then I’m an absolute maniac, and I can’t be a functional human being and I usually can’t tell which decisions are right and which ones are wrong if I don’t have my meds.

Insurance programs for kids, money for hospitals in the middle of farmland, and fixing hospitals for soldiers were all also voted on. Guess what happened?

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office has reminded people to call and say thank you to the Republican senators who voted against repealing these protections:

They are:

Senator Bob Corker - (202) 224-3344

Senator Lisa Murkowski - (202) 224-6665

Senator Rob Portman - (202) 224-3353

Senator Susan Collins - (202) 224-2523

Senator Bill Cassidy - (202) 224-5824"

You can also use this link to find your representatives and remind them that these are protections that matter to you, and people you care about.

President-Elect Reminds More People of Hitler

-RM 1/7/2017

You know how people are always talking about how worried they are that someone like Hitler is our upcoming president? A woman named Jan Chamberlain just quit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a huge and famous religious choir, because she noticed that Trump is troublingly like Hitler. The choir is going to be performing at his inauguration (like they have for many other inaugurations), and she quit because, because this new president is not the kind of person she feels her church should support, or that she can support.


I can’t believe that lady had the guts to do that, especially because it’s going against her church, which in her religion means she’s not only losing her friends and family, but also that she is risking going to hell to burn forever. She said, quote, “I only know I could never 'throw roses to Hitler.' And I certainly could never sing for him.” Wow. I mean, really. I might not have even had the guts to do that, and I’m an atheist.

Maybe she got inspired by Helmuth Hübener when he stood up to the real Hitler, against the same church, in Germany, but he stood up to the *actual* Hitler! The church eventually apologized and took it back, but only after he was killed by the Nazis. :(